Where are BNC connectors used?

Where are BNC connectors used??

Coaxial connectors are used in the following equipment: test; radio amateur (radio transmitters, antennas, etc.); aviation electronics; digital and analog video for signal transmission.

These connectors were created as an alternative to the RCA connector that was used to receive and transmit a television signal..

A cable with a BNC connector is used to create computer networks according to the 10BASE2 standard, as well as to connect electronic devices (various signal generators, oscilloscopes, etc.). They are also very often used in recording studios to synchronize all kinds of components of digital recording equipment. But for higher frequencies, it is best to use a threaded connector (TNC connector) rather than BNC..

Fig. 2 BNC-59 connector.

Name and origin of BNC connectors.

The connector is named

after the Bayonet locking mechanism (bayonet) and its inventors Carl Concelman and Paul Neill. But the connector got more publicity thanks to a graduate of Pennsylvania Electronics University. In 1945, while an employee of the Hazeltine Electronics Corporation, Octavio M. Salati patented a coaxial cable connector that had a low attenuation.

BNC connectors are of two types:

for cable and frequency up to 4 GHz and characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm; for cable and frequency up to 2 GHz and characteristic impedance of 75 Ohm.

50-ohm is used for data transmission, but 75-ohm is used most often for video signal transmission. In order to distinguish the connectors by their appearance, the US Air Force has signed an agreement with all manufacturers to mark them..

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